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iJiami is the worldwide professional mobile information security service provider with the focus on application, Big Data and IoT security. Driven by real customer needs and continuous innovation, we commit ourselves to deliver comprehensive and one-stop security solutions which cover the entire lifecycle of mobile application. Our ongoing vision is to ensure the security of this intelligent world by the means of innovative security solutions and 7*24 professional service, and therefore building up a collaborative, powerful, and highly-secured IoT ecosystem.

With a product portfolio of mobile security consulting, mobile security training, mobile security detection, mobile security reinforcement, mobile security awareness and mobile security management, iJiami is able to provide users with an integrated comprehensive solution based on enterprise mobile information security. These solutions could meet needs arising from various stages of application lifecycle, i.e. application design, development, optimization, deployment, upgrade, and maintenance.

Hitherto, our customers come from numerous industries, such as banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutes, operators, government, electricity, energy, large and medium-sized enterprises, mobile social networking, mobile office, mobile phone video, and mobile phone games providers, occupying Asian and the North American market. There are nearly 500,000 enterprise and developer users registered with our company, and over 1,000,000 applications and 900 million mobile terminals under our protection.

iJiami is the key brand of Beijing Zhi You Wang An Technology Co. Ltd. Founded in 2013, the company has more than 400 employees in ten cities. Its HQ is located in Beijing, and R&D in Shenzhen. A number of branch companies have been set up in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Guiyang, Chengdu, Xi’an, Zhengzhou and Shenyang.

Development History

  • Future

    Continue to lead technological innovation and build ecosystem 3.0 (focusing on IoT and big data threats) to make smart world safer.

  • 2017

    AugustThe number of industry users exceeded 2,000, covering finance, government and enterprises, operators, IoT, Internet and other industries.

    MayListed again on 2017 H1 China Network Security Companies Top 30.

    MayReleased security protection solutions for connected cars.

    MayAnnounced the "Application Security +" concept, promoting the closed-loop new ecosystem for application security.

    AprilReleased threat situation awareness platform.

    MarchBecame the first mobile security service provider in China to support Android 8.0.

    MarchLaunched Mobile Security Operations Center (MSOC Platform).

    MarchBecame a designated unit of commercial password products.

  • 2016

    DecemberReleased smart home security solution.

    DecemberBecame a three-level technical support unit for national information security vulnerability library.

    OctoberReleased IoT security protection solution.

    SeptemberCompleted construction of eight service centers, supporting customers from nearly 30 provinces and their neighboring cities.

    AugustNumber of protected applications reached 800,000, covering 800 million terminals.

    JuneLaunched multi-applications integration service.

    AprilReleased the new generation VMP dual virtual machine instruction set protection technology.

    MarchThe number of industry customers exceeded 1,000, mainly covering financial, operators and the gaming industry.

  • 2015

    OctoberRecognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

    AugustLaunched application high compression service.

    JulyLaunched application cloud update service.

    MayLaunched H5 application encryption, becoming the first service provider for mobile terminal H5 application encryption.

    AprilLaunched the new generation of key white box technology.

    AprilLaunched protocol encryption, and created automatic protocol security protection technology.

    MarchLaunched analysis of competitor products to capture their dynamic situation.

  • 2014

    NovemberLaunched iOS application encryption solution, becoming the first full platform service provider to support Android/iOS.

    SeptemberBecame a member of Anti Network-virus Alliance of China.

    AugustLaunched protocol channel reinforcement technology.

    JulyLaunched SDK reinforcement technology.

    JuneLaunched cloud service API interface.

    MayLaunched vulnerability analysis platform v2.0.

    AprilRealized 99% compatibility with Android platform.

  • 2013

    DecemberPioneered so file encryption protection service.

    NovemberPioneered application protection program for the financial and gaming industry.

    AugustOfficially launched cloud service platform.

    AugustRound A financing reached RMB20 million.

    JanuaryThe company was formally established.

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