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iJiami divides mobile application security detection into static analysis and dynamic analysis, involving over 100 risk points in application security, source code security and data security and provides users with security detection reports.

  • During static detection, static analysis tools, such as apktool, dex2jar, jd-gui, smali2dex, are used to decompile the application. The decompiled java files, xml files, etc. are statically scanned and analyzed. Codes with potential safety problems are extracted by keyword search and other static methods, and then are stored in the background of the detection platform to provide data basis for subsequent security detection reports.

  • During dynamic detection, the installation and operation of applications are monitored and analyzed with the sandbox model and virtual machine, etc. The execution process of the application are observed from the outside to record the malicious behaviors displayed by the application.

Main Functions

  • Inspection of the basic information of mobile application
  • Inspection of the malicious behavior of mobile application
  • Inspection of program confidentiality specification
  • Inspection of the configuration security specifications for four major components
  • Inspection of data security specification
  • Inspection of code security specification
  • Inspection of resource file security specification

Main Advantages

  • Comprehensive Detection

    More than 100 security detection items are used to evaluate the application comprehensively.

  • High Accuracy

    Combination of static and dynamic inspection techniques to improve inspection accuracy.

  • Solution

    Detection reports are generated automatically to reflect the security risks and provide suggestions for solutions.

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