Plan Principle

The cryptographic method and user key are organically integrated according to the mathematical principle of reconfigurable computing, where the original common algorithm is reconstructed with the user key to incorporate the key into its own algorithm so that the key will not be reorganized and clear-texted during the encryption.
The key is integrated into the algorithm via the conversion table during the key whitebox process, where it is allowed to generate a library with encryption or decryption interface only or a library with both encryption interface and decryption interface.

Main Functions

  • One-Time Pad

    Each encryption is done with a new key system, which is usually used in important business and the data are used once only, such as important communication data.

  • String-Type Data Encryption

    Perform encryption and decryption operations on string-type data, which can be used for the storage and reading of important local data or the encryption of important communication data.

  • Stream-Type Data Encryption

    Perform encryption of streams, which can be used for the encryption and decryption of file streams and data streams, such as the protection of local files and that of communication protocol data.

Main Advantages

  • High Security

    Provide better key security, multiple security enhancements, and static white-box support. Support AES/DES/3DES/RSA/ National Security 4 encryption algorithm.

  • Dynamic Whitebox Support

    The original key information is fully integrated into the encryption/ decryption algorithms, and "one key per person" and "one key per machine" are supported.

  • Ease of Use

    The whitebox encryption system delivers dynamic library or static library in the form of interface or system.

  • Significant Security Effect

    The effect of the system is clear and obvious and has been verified by thousands of industry customers.

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