Platform Architecture

The platform is divided into mobile application crawling layer, analysis engine layer, application risk behavior discovery layer, mobile application big data storage layer, risk big data analysis layer and big data presentation layer.

Main Functions

  • Threat Analysis

    Locate the source, target, and process of attacks.

  • Threat Statistics

    Attack statistics based on version, system, time, and network environment.

  • Threat Control

    Control attacks based on application, versions, devices, etc.

  • Threat awareness

    Attack awareness, interface hijacking awareness, Gdbserver / Ida debugging awareness, Hijack / Inject injection detection, Maps monitoring, Zjdorid attack defense, Substrate plug-in attacks, terminal clearance, simulator operation awareness, terminal Root and other threat perception.

Main Advantages

  • Mobile threat data collection, mining, visual display,and risk management integration service

  • Standard threat model + Customizable security model

  • Pan-security guarantee for all business

  • Multi-linkage, data sharing

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