MSOC Architecture

MSOC platform is divided into service compliance, tech implementation, data analysis and quantitative presentation layers. It can identify business security baselines and targets from the policy layer.

Main Functions

Security Inspection and Protection Functions

The platform provides source code security audit, mobile application security inspection, mobile application security reinforcement, channel detection and other functions.

Integrated Security Sense

Monitor the completion status of security services, the distribution of vulnerabilities and the security of application systems, completely displaying the status of enterprise security production.

Service Security Index of Outsourcers

Service security index of outsourcers is formed through comprehensive calculation of mobile service number, service significance and security risk index, to help enterprises conduct work evaluation of outsourcers.

Comprehensive Display Function of Application System

Display from the perspective of application, including the overall number of security vulnerabilities and the threats, rectification of vulnerabilities and system security red line. Display can be performed based on time.

Vulnerability Analysis and Display Function

Perform problem statistics from the perspective of tech security perspective, including the TOP15 vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities distribution and overall vulnerability increase trend.

Security Threat Display Function

Services provided by the platform against relevant mobile terminal risks mainly include threat analysis, threat statistics and threat control.

System Management Function

Enable support and management of system operation, involving user settings, rule setting, daily parameters, authorization and data backup management.

Asset Management

Including identifying, classifying enterprise assets and defining the business system. Through the comprehensive management of the assets, it can help users to realize the identification and governance of the risk level of threat.

Comprehensive Display of Detailed Data

Including comprehensive display of security tendency, problem tracking analysis, overall tendency of application system and comprehensive ranking of application system.

Main Advantages

  • Self-Owned Intellectual Property Right

    The platform is self-developed by iJiami with fully self-owned intellectual property right.

  • Security Compliance

    The platform integrates security protection systems from various vendors to enable it run stably and reliably within the enterprise’s network, which can not only make security compliant to laws and regulations, but also make the business investment worthwhile.

  • Big Data Management Support

    The platform embodies rich management functions,friendly UI and personalized statistical reports, which will greatly increases the efficiency of business security management, making business security management and logs no longer hard to understand.

  • Flexible Expanding

    The platform can be upgraded flexibly. The expandable multi-level management platform can help enterprises smoothly upgrade their security systems, and protect their security investment.

  • Smart Security Forecast

    The platform leverages hierarchical architecture design to ensure collection of business big data. Meanwhile, by utilizing big data for threat analysis, the enterprise can achieve the goal of automatic and smart defending and protection.

  • Visual Function Display

    The platform can provide graphic display effects via user-friendly interface, check work from multiple dimensions, and leverage charging function block to achieve quantification of security work.

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